Our breeding program stands out from others due to the emphasis on the quality of the female not just the male.​

All females have breeding quality, hips, back.and elbows.

New Amsterdam's Cynder: PDC, CGC, NDD, SDA P1

I selected and imported Cynder from the Netherlands at 8 months old and is a very special dog. Super drives, hard pushy grips and insane hunting drive, which she has passed down to her offspring. She is dual purpose and a certified narcotic detection dog. Cynder has OFA certified good hips and flyer into the bite. She is a daughtetr of Cliff Knobe PH1 439, Grandaughter to Marko Jansen PH1 409 and Rudie Pegge PH1 435, PH2455, OBJ. Cynder is a littermate to the famous Dulan Limbers PDC, PH1 440.


 Dutch: PDC, PSA1

Dutch was imported from the Netherlands at 9 months  old has natural full, hard, pushing grips, and outstanding hunt drive. She is a daughter to Lucas Pegge PH1 439, Grandaughter of Bowie PH1 439, PH2 453, OB, 2007 PH2 Dutch Champion.

Dutch is in training for PSA2.


 New Amsterdam's Dory: PDC, PSA 1 with Distinction

2nd place 2017 PSA 1 East Coast Regional Champion

3rd Place National Champion


 Dory is from our breeding program. She is from the Cynder X Kludde litter. Dory has full, pushy grips, and is is a flyer like her parents. She has over the top hunting and ball drives. Dory bloodline includes such great dogs as Lucas Pegge Ph1 438, Cliff Knobe PH1 439, Rudie Pegge PH1 439 PH2 455 OBJ, Marko Jansen PH1 409.

Dory is 3 x PSA 1, 1st place in a club trial, 2nd place 2017 PSA 1 East Coast Regional Champion, 3rd place at the PSA 2017 National Championship and was selected as the decoys choice award 2 times and awarded High Protection and Obedience Awards. She is currently in training to compete for her PSA 2 title. BRN#24898

New Amsterdam's Mika EDD


  Mika is from our breeding program. She is daughter of Dutch. Her bloodline includes Big Roy PH1440, Lucas Pegge PH1 439. She is a 2-3 line breed on Bowie Tuin PH1 439, PH2 453, OBJ. 2007 PH2 Dutch Champion.

She has full, hard, pushy grips, and tremendous hunting and ball drives and passes her traits to her offspring. Due to injuries Mika will not be training for PSA. Mika is currently working as a Explosives Detection Dog.